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TNB Fuels Sdn Bhd

Our Story

TNBF has entered into a Fuel Supply Service Level Agreement (FSLA) with TNB, where TNBF is appointed as the Nominated Fuel Supplier to power plants having PPAs with TNB.

The core business activities of TNBF are the supply and delivery of coal, fuel oil, lubricant, coal logistics, and gas contract management services. TNBF supplies and delivers coal required by coal-fired power plants in Malaysia having PPAs with TNB, where coal cost is a pass-through component.

TNBF has also entered into Coal Supply and Transportation Agreements (CSTA) for the sale and purchase of coal on a delivered basis to these power plants. In turn, TNBF enters into Coal Purchase Contracts (CPC) with a number of coal producers and traders to supply coal to TNBF and separate arrangements through Contracts of Affreightment (COA) with shipping companies for the shipping of these coals to the power plants. TNBF is also responsible for logistic management, including cargo insurance and payments.

Additionally, TNBF is the principal supplier of Liquefied Natural Gas, Medium Fuel Oil (MFO), and Distillate Fuel (DF) to TNB Power Stations, as well as a supplier of distillate and lubricant to TNB rural stations. TNBF has also entered into a Gas Contract Management Services Agreement (GCMSA) with TNB to manage the commercial issues related to gas supply by PETRONAS.
Jamal Bin Yusoff
Managing Director, TNB Fuel Sdn. Bhd.